ANCEL OBD2 Scanner Full System Car Diagnostic Tools BD300

Injector Coding SRS ABS SAS Reset OBD2 Automotive Scanner for BWM

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Product Features and Description

ANCEL BD300 with Case Bluetooth for BMW Mini Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool with Car Battery Registration Oil Light Service Throttle Relearn Automotive OBD2 Scanner OBDII Code Reader for All Vehicle.

Top reasons to choose Ancel BD300:

  • Turn on bluetooth, the device will automatically connect, fast speed.
  • The special car function supports system-wide diagnosis, and the system with faults is displayed in red font.
  • Support special functions (maintenance reset, throttle matching, brake pad replacement, battery registration), free of charge.
  • Supports all diagnostic modes of the OBD2 standard.
  • Supports personalized customization of dashboards, and can configure very cool dashboards.
  • Original battery voltage detection function.
  • Support both Android and iOS two major operating systems.
  • Compatible with most phones and tablets.
  • Have some driving assistance functions (performance test, trip analysis) to make driving more fun.
  • Free lifetime upgrades.
ANCEL BD300 Support Languages: English,French,Spanish,German,Italian

Basic Functions for BMW/MINI/Rolls Royce:

  1. Read & Clear fault codes
  2. Turn off fault light
  3. Read data stream in text and graph
  4. I/M Readiness test,
  5. Smoke emission test
  6. Evap System Test
  7. Vehicle Information

Coverage vehicle list: SOME MODEL UPDATE TO 2022

1 Series Chassis: E81/E82/E87/E88/F20/F21/F52 2 Series Chassis: F22/F23/F45/F46/F87 3 Series Chassis: E30/E36/E46/E90/E91/E92/E93/F30/F31/F34/F35/F80/G20 4 Series Chassis: F32/F33/F36/F82/F83 5 Series Chassis: E28/E34/E39/E60/E61/F07/F10/F11/F18/F90/ G30/G31/G38 6 Series Chassis: E24/E63/E64/F06/F12/F13/G32 7 Series Chassis: E23/E32/E38/E65/E66/E67/E68/F01/F02/F03/F04/G11/G12 8 Series Chassis: E31/G14/G15/G16 X Series Chassis: X1 E84 F48 F49/X2 F39/ X3 E83 F25 G01/X4 F26 G02/X5 E53 E70 F15 F85 G05/ X6 E71 E72 F16 F86/X7 G07 Z Series Chassis: Z1 E30 Z3 E36/ Z4 E85 E86/Z4 E8/Z8 E52 I Series Chassis: I3 I01/I8 I12 MINI Series Chassis: R50/R52/R53/R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60/R61/F54/F55/F56/F60 Rolls-Royce Series Chassis: RR1/RR2/RR3/RR4/RR5

ALL System Diagnostic and Special Service Reset Functions:

ANCEL BD300 Advance Full System Diagnostic ● Support diagnose all systems of the car: Include : ABS system, Engine system, SAS system , TPMS system , IMMO system , Battery system ,Oil service system , SRS system ,Dashboard System, Sound System, ect.. 1. Maintenance reset (CBS Reset). Notify the motorist of the regular maintenance/inspection products that ought to be done according to the driving routines and driving conditions. ( Travel time, mileage, oil intake, day-to-day maintenance replacement, etc). 2. Brake pad replacement (EPB Electronic Parking Brake (EPB Reset)). – For models with electronic parking brake, the motor needs to be pulled back prior to changing the brake pads,. Just then can the brake pads be changed; after the replacement is completed, release the motor. Lastly, use the grinding. ( Note: The mechanical handbrake does not support brake pad replacement). 3. Battery Management. After installing a brand-new battery, a service function should be carried out to record battery replacement. It is required to tape-record the replacement of the battery in order to inform the power management system (software in the engine electronics and intelligent battery sensing units) that a brand-new battery has been installed in the car. If the battery replacement is not taped, the power management system does not work properly and might result in practical limitations such as minimized power or disconnection of individual consumers. 4. Throttle knowing (and so on Reset). The throttle body is a tube including a pivoting flat valve (butterfly) that is used to control the amount ofair entering an engine. In a digitally fuel injected car, a throttle position sensor and air circulation sensorcommunicate with the computer system, which provides the corresponding amount of fuel required at the injectors. It needs to need re-learning throttle sensing unit position after clearing or repair work.

ANCEL OBD2 Scanner Full System Car Diagnostic Tools BD300 Supports IOS and Android System, very easy to use

  1. Download “ANCEK” app.
  2. Plug in the device.
  3. Start the app.
  4. Start the vehicle.
  5. Enable bluetooth.
  6. Automatic device connection.

Additional information

Weight0.180 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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Mainland China

Hardware Version

Newest version

Software Version

Newest version

Item Type

Code Readers & Scan Tools




English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Software Update


Product name:


OBD2 Scanner Function:

1. Read Code, 2. Erase Code, 3.Live Data, 4. Freeze Frame, 5.Smog Check, 6. O2 Sensor Test, 7. On-Board Monitor Test, 8. EVAP System, 9. Vehicle Information, 10. DTC Lookup

Special Reset:

1. Maintenance reset (CBS Reset), 2. Brake pad replacement (EPB Electronic Parking Brake (EPB Reset)), , 3. Battery Management, 4. Throttle learning (ETC Reset)


ALL System Diagnostic


Lifetime free update


1 Year warranty

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