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Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – a Marvel by PAWBBY

Any cat owner knows that tidying up after their feline’s bathroom breaks can be an unpleasant task. Regularly scooping and cleaning the litter box ensures the cat remains comfortable and avoids making a mess outside the container. Regardless if you’re caring for a single cat or managing a multi-cat household, maintaining a clean litter box is a daily responsibility. PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box with sleek design and easy-to-use system

Enter PAWBBY Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Solution

Offering a modern solution to this age-old problem. Their Smart Litter Box is not just any ordinary litter box—it’s an automatic, self-cleaning marvel that brings together technology and convenience. Designed with pet owners in mind, this device not only streamlines the process of litter maintenance but also ensures our beloved pets feel secure and content. The PAWBBY self-cleaning litter box is sizable at 19.7 x 20.9 x 25.2 inches and weighs 29.98 pounds. With an 8.6L capacity, it boasts a double-layered design, separating the base from the compartment for hassle-free cleaning. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this litter box is compatible with various types of fillings. Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box- multi cats friendly

Cat Litter Box smart detection

With its multiple pyroelectric sensors, along with temperature sensing and infrared biosensing technology, PAWBBY can timely detect a cat’s presence. It’s engineered to stop operating when a cat is near and resumes self-cleaning when the cat moves away. This ensures maximum safety. This smart device employs a lifting mechanism that sifts litter through a filter, effectively separating waste. It can adapt to different waste types and volumes, always keeping the basin’s surface clean. Waste is then safely stored in a sealed bin beneath, which can hold up to 14 days of waste for a single cat. Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box - high precision weighingSelf Cleaning Cat Litter - Box cat approach

Always fresh and tidy cat

PAWBBY incorporates Japan’s Ace deodorizing technology. The inner box contains natural, plant-based gel beads that swiftly absorb odor molecules, preventing any foul smell from spreading. This guarantees a fresher, low-maintenance waste compartment. PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box with OLED screen for easy navigation and control

Manage self cleaning litter box with you phone

Further, the PAWBBY Smart Litter Box can be synced with an app, allowing users to monitor its status in real-time. Track your cat’s bathroom habits, set cleanup schedules, and even check litter levels — all from the comfort of your phone. You can watch some useful videos on the product page. Best solution for busy cat owners, PAWBBY self-cleaning cat litter box with large waste compartmentSelf Cleaning for Cat Litter Box - manual instruction Prioritizing safety, PAWBBY’s litter box has earned the “Pet Safe” certification from TUV Rheinland Greater China. It is equipped with nine safety measures, including electronic fences, infrared sensors at both the entrance and excretory openings, biosensing within the box, accurate weighing scales, motor overload protection, anomaly alerts, and a power-on self-check. Key features to note:
  1. Multi-group sensors detect the cat’s activities, triggering automatic cleaning once the cat departs.
  2. Options for both automatic and manual cleaning modes.
  3. Adjustable automatic cleaning timings, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes post-defecation.
  4. Remote cleaning capabilities.
  5. Night mode ensures undisturbed sleep by pausing automatic cleaning.
  6. The app allows for multi-cat tracking.
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box - oled display screen For those seeking the best automatic litter solution, the PAWBBY self-cleaning box is a game-changer, ensuring a sanitary and odor-free environment for cats. Say goodbye to the days of the scoopfree manual cleaning and embrace this petkit miracle. PAWBBY, competing with brands like Littermaid, Pura, and Nature’s Hillpig, is currently available by the link below, offering exclusive deals for early bird customers.
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    Smart Litter Box PAWBBY Automatic Self-Cleaning, Odor Control, Multi-Cat with Mat & Liner

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